Międzynarodowy Kongres Prawa i Psychologii (International Congress of Law & Psychology)

Data konferencji: 2023-03-24
Data nadsyłania abstraktów: 10 marca, 2023
Miejsce konferencji: Online
Organizator: The Center For European Studies oraz Center For American Studies
Opłata konferencji: 199PLN
Publikacja pokonferencyjna: W zależności od ilości chętnych

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Center For European Studies and the Center For American Studies are honored to invite you to take part in the 2nd “International Congress of Law & Psychology”.


The conference will be held on Friday, March 24, 2023, from 16:30 to 21.00 CET (Berlin/Rome/Prague/Warsaw time) online on the Microsoft Teams platform.

The length of the conference depends on the exact number of speakers. In the event of a large number of applications, we reserve the right to extend the conference also to Saturday, March 25, 2023.


The main theme of the conference is to discuss the connections between law and psychology, also through the lens of other social sciences and humanities (such as sociology, political science, cultural studies or philosophy).Proposed (sample) thematic areas of presentations:
• The interrelationship of law and psychology in different aspects of human life
• Psychology in law in the past, at present, and the directions of development towards the future
• The impact of legal regulations on human thinking and behavior
• Psychology in law in theory and in practice
• Psychology and criminal, civil and administrative law
• What should a lawyer know about psychology and what should psychologists know about law?
• The role of an expert witness-psychologist in criminal and civil trials
• False memories vs. witness testimonyThe above-mentioned thematic areas are only exemplary. We strongly encourage you to go beyond them. Moreover, the speeches can be interdisciplinary, combining various fields of study.


• Students, Ph.D. students, experienced researchers, and all others interested in the above-indicated fields of research can actively participate in the conference as speakers.
• Passive participants (audience) do not need to possess any prior academic knowledge or background.


• Prof. Christopher Kelley, J.D., LL.M. (Arkansas University School of Law)
• Jagoda Dzida, Ph.D. (Faculty of Law & Administration, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan)
• Luke Darby Bartosik, LL.M. (President of the Center For American Studies)




Steps necessary to register for the conference as an active participant (conference speaker):
• Submission of an abstract and filling in the Speaker Registration Form at: https://forms.gle/FHEQ7dxgcaLBHVqE7
• Registration should be performed by 23.59 on March 10, 2023

• Payment of the conference fee to the bank account number that will be provided to the qualified speakers in an e-mail – the fee must be paid by March 15, 2023 at the latest.We reserve the right to select abstracts.

The results of the abstract selection process will be announced by March 11, 2023.

Steps necessary to register for the conference as a passive participant (audience):
• Filling out the Audience Registration Form at: https://forms.gle/MBY94LDyMaDdccBH6
• Submission of the Audience Registration Form should be done by 23.59 on March 16, 2023

Failure to fill in the form will result in the inability to passively participate in the conference (and thus the inability to receive a passive conference participant certificate)
• Payment of the fee to the bank account number that will be provided to passive participants via e-mail
Don’t worry! You will have a chance to see the conference schedule with a full list of speakers and the names of their presentations before submitting a conference fee).
Please follow this Facebook event to see the schedule with a full list of speakers and titles of their presentations. You will also get the schedule of the conference via e-mail if you register ahead of time.


➤ SPEAKERS (2 options):
• Traditional certificate sent via post – 229 PLN / 49 EUR
• Digital certificate – 199 PLN / 45 EUR
➤ AUDIENCE (2 options):
• Traditional certificate sent via post – 129 PLN / 29 EUR
• Digital certificate – 109 PLN / 25 EURImportant!

Please use the following pattern when filling in the transfer title field when making the payment of your conference fee*: ” – fee for active / passive participation (select the appropriate one) – ”

* Failure to do so may result in delays in posting the fee on the appropriate account and, consequently, even exclude your participation in the conference.

In case of a co-authorship of a presentation by two or more speakers, please pay the fee for each of the co-authors separately.


• It is possible to receive a VAT invoice. Please make your VAT invoice request when filling out the appropriate Registration Form (requests made later cannot be considered based on the VAT Act regulations). If you wish for your university to cover your cost of participation in the conference, we suggest paying from your own private funds, getting an invoice for the university as a buyer, and then obtaining a reimbursement from the university to your private account.
• The fee is non-refundable.
• The link to the online conference room will be made available to registered participants within 24 hours before the start of the conference.
• It is possible to deliver a conference presentation by two or more speakers (the fee should be multiplied by the number of speakers).
• The presentation time is 15-25 minutes (depending on the fact of giving a solo or duet presentation and the total number of presentations during the conference).
• Certificates are usually sent via traditional post within 2 months after the conference.
• Digital certificates are sent to ALL participants within one week from the conference.
• The Center For American Studies arranges the order of presentations. The exact time of speaking at the conference is pre-determined by CFAS (it will be not possible to change the time of your conference presentation set in the conference schedule).
• Conference Rules and Regulations: www.cfasofficial.com/en/terms-of-use


If you have any questions, please contact the Conference Coordinator, Mr. Olaf Hajnosz at hajnosz@cfasofficial.com
See you at the conference!
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